Tuesday, August 2, 2011

take a moment tuesday; diy creamsicle bath salts

Business is really picking up for me, which is awesome! I am bending wire for hangers as fast as my little fingers can. It's making my muscles sore from  having to muscle & manipulate the wire into place! Nothing a little break and a hot bath with homemade bath salt can't cure! 

4 cups Epsom salt 
(you could substitute a cup and a half of another salt but Epsom salt is great for sore muscles and is my favorite. If you want to put another salt in yours I recommend Himalaya Pink Sea Salt its really pretty or use another sea salt)

1/2 tsp liquid glycerine (this is at most pharmacys, if they do not have it then try a supermarket or baking supply store.)

Essential oils or extract of your choice (I used Vanilla and Orange extract)

After I mixed the glycerine and the salt together I divided the mixture into 2 bowls.I put the orange extract in one bowl and added a tiny bit of orange food coloring (don't add too much!). And in the second bowl I added the vanilla extract. So I have a bowl of cream and a bowl of orange!

I use canning jars to hold the finished bath salt. Makes a for nice presentation if you use them as favors or gifts and they come in different sizes.

Alternate the two colors when filling the jars, so it has a swirl effect.

I used water colors, heavy card stock paper and a Popsicle stick to make a creamsicle tag. I made a basic plaid pattern to cut out for the lids of the jars.

Creamsicle Bath Soak

These make great gifts and inexpensive party favors for bridal & baby showers. They smell awesome and it's great to actually know what exactly is in the bath salt in your bath water!

Take a few minutes for yourself today! Soak it up! xo Lizzie


  1. that looks amazing maybe I'll give it a try! it would make a great gift



  2. This is a perfect shower gift that almost everyone would use! How much oil/extract do you use per batch of salt?