Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 celebrations for 30

Ways To Celebrate Turning 30

I am going to turn the big 3-0 in about a month. I always want to do something to make my birthday special, and this is even more true since I am turning 30. Here are the things I came up with:

1. fulfill your Top Gun fantasies and take a ride in a fighter jet

2. sky dive 

3. go for a hot air balloon ride

4. have dinner on the beach and watch the sunset with someone you love. don't forget the bubbly and a desert with a candle!

5. SURPRISE party! this one is out of your hands but hey you never know, your friends may have your birthday all planned out.

6. throw yourself a throwback birthday party! cake, candles, party hats and maybe an adult pinata (filled with goodies like mini bottles of alcohol, lotto tickets ect)

7. take a trip to a foreign city you have always wanted to see. London, Paris, Rome... 

8. go to Las Vegas with a few of your besties and party like you did when you turned 21.

9. participate in a flash mob

10. go paragliding or parasailing

11. climb a large mountain

12. go to a concert of a performer that you LOVED in high school. Dave Matthews, BNL, or whoever. pick a group that made your summer back in the day, and bring some of your friends to sing along with you.

13. plant 30 trees

14. find a place that will let you drive an exotic car...like this place!

15. go on a local wine tour with your friends, finish the day out with an awesome dinner. make sure you get a limo so nobody is driving!

16. go to Tiffany's and buy yourself something to mark the occasion

17. have dinner at the very best restaurant in your area- make sure you dress up! if you are in NYC I highly recommend River Cafe (in Brooklyn) or Del Posto.

18.  throw yourself a party at a rooftop bar and dance all night long under the stars

19. swim with the dolphins

20. take a road trip all the way across America... Route 66!

21. climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty (you have to get tickets to do this)

22. have a professional photographer take your picture (why do we stop doing this once we are adults?)

23. charter a private sailboat for a sunset cruise, champagne is a must

24. find the "BIGGEST" something that is located near where you live and take a short day trip to see it... ball of twine, frying pan ect. If you are in NJ go see Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ. You will look back years from now and think, "what did I do for my 30th? oh yeah... ha ha that was silly"

25. take a beach vacation and have someone bring you pretty drinks on the beach while you relax

26. rent a party suite at a hockey or baseball game and root for your favorite team with all your friends.

27. plan a ski weekend or golf weekend

28. write a letter to yourself to read in 10 years

29. go see something that will take your breath away... Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, an iceberg in Alaska, a volcano in Hawaii, Badlands National Park, or even a decommissioned Saturn 5 Rocket.

30. go to the top of the Empire State Building, spread your arms out wide (like Jack in the Titanic) and announce to the world that you are 30.

Feel free to share with me your ideas of what to do or to tell me about ways that you have celebrated and what made your day special. Happy 30th Birthday!

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